Vietnam 2013 Singapore Joint Issue cover

Dated 12.09.2013 sent by Dr. Do Xuan Manh


Thailand 2013 Owls cover

Cover was sent by Terdsak Tublom.

Germany 2013 Songbirds cover

Germany 2013 cover


Strip of 5 x European Goldfinch Carduelis carduelis stamps from the 2013 Songbirds issue with pictorial first day postmark.

Australia 2013 Birds – Pardalotes FDC


Date of Issue: 11 May 2013

Fourth in a series of bird stamps, this issue feature pardalotes, a species of foliage-gleaning, mainly insectivorous birds native to Australia and sometimes known as “peep-wrens” or “diamond birds”.

Singapore 2012 World Stamp Exhibition 2015 commemorative issue


The stamps uses the same design of two values in the 1963 definitives issue.

The two stamps are of the Yellow-breasted Sunbird and the White-bellied Sea Eagle.

USA 2003 Pelican Island Wildlife Refuge FDC

First day cover bearing 37c Brown Pelican self adhesive stamps of March 2003.
Thanks to Dawna Kaulen of CA, USA for this cover.


USA 2002 John James Audubon FDC

First day cover bearing a 37c stamp showing painting by famous bird painter John James Audubon. The painting shows a Western Tanager and a Scarlet Tanager.
Thanks to Dawna Kaulen of CA, USA for this cover.

USA 2000 Pacific Coast Rain Forest FDC

Australia Birds Lettercards

Three lettercards from Australia cancelled with first day cancellation.
Peregrine Falcon, Australian Kestrel and Sooty Owl.

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